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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I can't make any sense of the dump file. I don't know what bximage is. I attach the drive to my PC then use WinUAE to create a HDF or VHD of the Drive.

When you say that you have copied the HDF to the SCSI drive do you mean actually copied the file HDF or written the HDF image to the SCSI drive.

All HardDrives use scsi.device. Forget about uaesci.device, as I've already mentioned, that's for mounting WinUAE CD drives. HDF's use uaehf.device, so if your mounting an HDF and want to prep the drive then change the tooltype of HDToolbox to uaehf.device.
I don't know what it means either. The crash takes the Amiga down. The only driver that sees anything at all is the uaescsi.device. None of the other devices in HDToolbox sees any drives. I copied the .HDF from where bximage created them over to the SCSI drives that I want to use as my Amiga drives. Since HDToolBox doesn't work I don't know what to do. The SCSI drives are attached to an Adaptec controller.
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