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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
might have to up my game to compete with this
Actually, in my honest opinion, judging by your own games (in terms of game design), you're a good candidate to "pick Blaze up" and finish the game.

Ideally a team of talented people should do it. We're humans after all and each person usually occupies a niche in which he/she is really great. But very few of us are real polymaths in the sense that few of us are "one-man-bands". So a team (graphic artist, coder, musician, play-tester, etc) would be the best-case scenario for this situation (like it was in the recent excellent and happy-ending case of Putty Squad). I know this ideal scenario is somewhat over-idealistic (if you pardon the pleonasm) but a man is allowed to dream, is he not?
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