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So what have YOU lost?
Precious time and patience! An example: When the last Spiderman computer game was released (stupid 3D action game), many many many many many people came to my site through Google looking for "spiderman walkthrough". Well, Google's result was correct - I have a review, screenshots, a walkthrough and a game download of a game of that name up. Just that it's a text adventure for the C64. Guess what happened: Lots of angry e-mails from kids who "couldn't find what they've been looking for in spite of Google saying I have it" accusing me of fraud. (yes, that wasn't about a remake, but the same can and will happen with them, too)

Just as the film buffs among us can appreciate films that were made before we were born (even without the modern visuals), there are some kids who can spot a good game, however old it may be.
Just that the group which speaks up for old games is way smaller and absolutely not respected at all. Old movies and old literature are commonly accepted as art (the part which deserves it - not every piece of crap of course), old computer games are not.
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