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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Because it requires too much time and is too unreliable and I can almost guarantee it won't happen unless I have exactly same config and possibly similar hardware too (if it is timing related or some other memory corruption bug that depends on timing).
So in short you didn't try.
And i can't give you my old save state 'coz i deleted it.

But it doesn't take that much time. Just run it in the morning and forget it while you do something else (don't touch it even for regular verification, just wait).

It doesn't appear to depend on timing. Whether i do heavy duty stuff or not, does not matter.
It's also not as random as i suspected. Given enough time (something like 4-8 hours) it always happens.

You say you can almost guarantee it won't happen but you didn't verify it.
What if i say i can almost guarantee it does happen ?

Never forget that the best chance you have to fix it, is to actually reproduce it yourself. So please don't miss your chance and have a try.
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