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i was thinking news papper shop to get information to help people in the town
by helping them complete a part of the game eg stuff you need or information or where to go in the game or just to gain things (more people you help further in the game you get)
or each person obtain things from them or to get a objects for the game

maybe hav a video game shop to gain points or something like that eg fruit mechine to get you money to buy stuff from shops or a number game or a jigsaw puzzle to get a message
mayb intrest people who want there suff in your game .. plus you get them to make part of the game for you
just say you may or may not use it give more resson for them to do more or make stuff for you.
i even message them for see if they got anything you can use
......places to to hide or blend in like the pub lol
also have a room in your house to go to... load each place of the game like pub shop woods ect... so you can loads scrips for each place in the game or a time mechine or a radio to listen to the aliens
make a smell or a object to protect you from the zombies lol
i good at making pictures for other pictures could use some amiga logo about the places it a bit early to think at the moment
like to help out in any way i can i even have a go at making stuff for the game
well keep at it up you get there mate
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