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Cool - the first thing is probably to start thinking about a basic story and some puzzles - I am quite keen on the idea of a Zombie theme - as it could be fun to animate zombies and draw them - The main character is a schoolboy who lives with his parents and Zombies take over his local town in typical B movie style - In terms of characters I was thinking of

A policeman
A girlfriend
A shop keeper - newsagent
A pub landlord -
A vicar
A cook

In terms of locations I was thinking of:
Church Yard
Living room

In terms of help - all help is welcome - whether it is suggestions for a story - ideas for puzzles - Help with drawing the room locations (I will upload some examples of room and confirm screen size and pallettes) help with drawing characters (I will upload a template showing animated frames and confirm pallette) - also help with sound effects and in game music will also be greatly appreciated.

In terms of the tutorials - I will upload ones as we go along and cover the main things like adding characters - adding objects - adding rooms to GRAC and then explain the script routine which is a set of basic commands to make the characters complete tasks and tell the game how they interact with the world.
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