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Originally Posted by gaspi View Post
I have tested it. I have a core i3 laptop with win8.1_x64. OS4.1 runs much faster (I definitely didn't install any dx stuff maybe it came with update, dut dxdiag shows v11.2).
On my other laptop ( core i5, win10_x64) after installing dx9 (dxdiag shows 11.2) the emulation much slower.
Does OS3 + uaegfx Picasso96 have same problem? In this config it is much easier to switch modes, just go to Misc panel and change Direct3D<>DirectDraw. If no difference, then try OS3 + PicassoIV emulated Picasso96.

(Using OS4 for any kind of debugging is too painful)

Config looks fine but check your display driver control panel utility and make sure there is nothing forced (like vsync etc..), most options make no difference in DD mode but D3D is totally different.
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