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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
(...) Does it really run on 1.3 machines?(...)
Yes, it does. I've tested it on my Amiga 500 with the original 1.3 256k ROM and a 512kb RAM expansion. It loads perfectly just like in WinUAE.

I don't own any AGA machine (sadly), so I cannot test Blaze with the AGA chipset or KS 3.x. Sorry.

Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
Could this be used to port Sonic 2 to the A500? AFAIR Sonic 2 has been disassembled and commented and all the data files are available. If they could be converted to the BLAZE level format, it could really work out.
Though not a bad idea, I think that Blaze is a nice game in itself and deserves to be finished as it was once idealized. In some aspects, I consider Blazer to be better than the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

The ideal scenario would be for someone to finish Blaze up and someone else use its engine and port Sonic over the Amiga (with a "delay" of only two decades and a half :P).
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