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Originally posted by Unknown_K

A game being 2d or 3d doesnt matter as long as the game itself is fun.

I think alot of the old adventure games would look nicer and attract a new generation if they were in lifelike 3d with their original story intact.

I would fucking kill for the xwing/tie fighter star wars games to be remade with the newest 3d engine and surround sound.

Although I'd concur with that, the problem is we don't actually see any 2D arcade titles!
I'm NOT so sure about the adventure games remakes-"Sam & Max" or D.O.T.T. were perfectly suited with their cartoony visuals I'd hate to see hyper-realistic mip-mapping AA wotsit eyecady.

Its a wait & see situation as to what the new Sam & Max & Broken Sword sequels will be like in that regard-I hope they do revive the genre, but I remain wary.

Like everyone else, I don't object to 3D games or remakes where appropriate,(Stunt Car Racer perfect example). But if you just have a menu choice of only 3D,good bad & ugly all the time then its like only having a McDonalds take-away, it gets boring.

EDIT: Can't claim credit for this, but I think it sums up some of these 2D classics converted into 3D remakes.....

"Who here liked the Gus Van Sant remake of Psycho better than the Hitchcock original? Speak up if this applies to you...

<Crickets chirping>

<Dog barking down the street>

I rest my case "..........

Couldn't put it better myself!!

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