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Originally posted by Mr Creosote
Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Kids of today will play (and probably even enjoy) the new version and then brag about how great the game is - and if they're shown the original, they'll whine how crappy that looks and the usual blah blah. Conclusion: more frustration for me.
So what have YOU lost?

I think it is this simple. If kids play 'modern 3D version' and then experience 'old 2D version' and think its crap, then its THEIR loss.
There will also always be a certain number of kids who can appreciate the older games even if they never grew up with them as we did. My younger bro is an example of this. Just as the film buffs among us can appreciate films that were made before we were born (even without the modern visuals), there are some kids who can spot a good game, however old it may be.
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