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Ok, it still works!

I found the culprit - have recently upgraded my Avast Antivirus and for some reason it does not like new winuae test versions!? (after starting it seems it will never begin)

If disable the mentioned Antivirus it starts without problem.

It does not happen with official 3200 winuae - this one works fine with Avast. (what could be a reason?)

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I wonder if you guys stuck with XP might have more luck with Linux + WINE?
Yeah, maybe, but hmm, I dont know is it worth because the current 3200 version works really nice/fine!
(what's that supposed to be new in the next version to be decided on a such change?)

I have today again upgraded Avast Antivirus and the mentioned problem seems gone. (Nice)

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