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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
When you start AF there are 4 drop down menus at the top: File, View, Tools, Help.

Click on the Tools tab and choose options from the drop down menu. At the bottom of the menu you will find the option 'F12 for runtime options'. This will enable the F12 key to bring up the WinUAE GUI. (You may already have this enabled if you are using WinUAE).

Underneath the 4 drop down menus you have the Games, DemoScene, Systems, Gallery, Videos tabs. If you click on the Systems tab you will find the Workbench 3.x entry.
This is an A4000 setup (ideal for WB3.9). Start the entry and press F12 when the screen goes black to enter the WinUAE GUI.
I figured this part out. I am waiting for a bunch of files to be moved so that I can redo my SCSI drives. I should be able to boot from them without booting into XP Am I correct in this? I also would like to use the SFS file system so that AmigaOS can see large drives, partitions, and files. Where is the spell checker in this editor?
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