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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Firstly AF can't actually boot from an Amiga Formatted HardDrive. I've tried in the past and it always results in a blank WB screen.

There is a way to boot from your real HD using AF but it requires you to use WinUAE.

Make sure your real HD is attached to the PC.

Go to the tools, options tab and down the bottom of the panel tick 'F12 for runtime options'

Start the Workbench 3.x config and press F12

In WinUAE properties click on CD & Hard drives. Delete DH0 by highlighting the entry and clicking 'remove'. Click the 'add hard drives...' tab and select your Harddrive. ( it will be the one with RDB in the title). Move it to the top of the list above DH1.

Click on configurations and add a name for your config, eg... WB3.9 and click save.

Click reset and your HD should now load.

To use this config you need to start AF Workbench 3.x, press F12, select you config and click reset.

You can also download WinUAE as a standalone emu to AF (WinUAE does support using real Amiga Hardrives). You can use the config you just created to boot your HD. As you already have AF installed you already have all the stuff you need to use WinUAE out of the box. You just need to set WinUAE to use AF configuration and do a rom scan.

EDIT: If anyone's interested, you can use a USB pendrive (Fat32) as an Amiga drive just by copying the WB files to it and editing the AF rp9-manifest.xml file. Add this line for your Pendrive <harddrive root="root" undo="false">H:</harddrive> (change the H: to whatever your drive letter is)
I am using WinUAE in conjunction with AmigaForever. I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say to press this or that. What is the tools, options tab? What do you mean by WB3.x config and F12. So you're going to have to walk me through this.
I am getting ready to setup my SCSI drives to install the AmigOS on to. That will take a while as I back up and move files.
P.S. Are you in the US?
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