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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
The basic plan at this stage is to off-load music decompression to this card (instead of using the CPU to do the decompression work) and then use AHI/Paula to play SFX/speech as per normal. Full Throttle and some other games support FLAC/OGG for music playback, other games need MIDI support for music.
So Nova, if the Prisma supports OGG, is there a way with your latest ScummVM ports that I can select or use it?

You know I've always wanted to play Full Throttle with my ACA30/56.

Edit: Also another question about the Prisma Megamix. I will be using a Clockport expander to have also a RapidRoad -yes I'm pimping up my A1200-.
I think it will be for Pin 1 (well, near it, left in the mobo, also considered Pin1 for the Clockport expander) red side of the ribbon for Prisma and the contrary for the RapidRoad, am I right?
Edit2: It seems so:

I will be trying soon the Prisma soundcard. I'm curious if it will play one of my latest direct links for radio on stream (AKReal 8.6 WIP), for Slay Radio. The link works on WinUAE perfectly well, but it doesn't open with a MAS player or even directly with a BPPC. I suposse it won't work in the real thing, only on WinUAE -bad emulation dude -.

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