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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Have you tried with loading the config into new winuae version and saving back from that version? (under a new name, or make a back-up of old one)
Config files were created with 3.0.0 and this version has the problem.
So no, it is not an old config file conflict.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Does the corruption remain if you create state file, quit emulator, run it again and load it? (First remove all unneeded expansions)
Haven't checked (it takes time to reproduce and is random, as i said), but my guess is that it will not remain (why would it, as it's not a problem in the amiga part because a full reboot doesn't fix it, huh ?).
Anyway I'll try this next time it happens. Could take a while...
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