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Originally Posted by gaspi View Post
The trick was when I created the disk the button signed RDB mode but I had to click on it and it got grayed. I thought it is the basic setting and did not click on it before.
It is that way because originally RDB (full harddrive) images didn't exist, only single partition hardfiles. Historic reasons basically. Perhaps it gets updated someday..

When I start always get a message "Direct3D: optional DirectX9 components are not installed". What does this mean? I have w10-64bit with the latest direxcX.
It means you don't have latest full DX9. It has never come with any Windows version for some odd reason, only some partial version that does not include all features (features that also all DX9 games need)

Install this one: (yes, even if you have Windows 10!)

If I change to 64 bit WinUae, do I have to chage qemu-uae.dll to the x64 version and rename it?
No need to rename anything. 64-bit version checks both name variants automatically.
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