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mouse pointer destroyed

Seems Winuae doesn't like to be idle...

Run winuae in windowed mode and bootup some normal wb config.
I don't know if there is something special to do on the Amiga side. That problem appears to be random.
Now untrap the mouse with mmb.
Then use the "_" icon to put winuae to sleep (cpu usage drops).
Wait for a very long time - might be one hour and maybe more. I often have an amiga setup still running while doing something else, btw (like editing with notepad++ and assemble with phxass).
And finally return to your Amiga setup by clicking on the winuae icon in the task bar (this is windows 8.1's taskbar for me).

Now what ? Sometimes the mouse pointer is completely destroyed (sprite displayed incorrectly as if its data got damaged). Everything else still work fine.
Rebooting the Amiga doesn't fix the problem : the fresh reboot still has garbage gfx instead of the pointer sprite. The only fix is to quit completely then restart.

Looks strange but it happens quite often, though really far from every time. Both 3.0.0 and 3.1.0 have shown that problem. Dunno for other versions.
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