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At long last, a proper 64bit version of WinUAE is finally here! No matter if it's still in its early stages and has a few bugs or speed issues, a huge door into the future has just been open. plus, it proves that - no matter how hard it seems at first - nothing is really "impossible". I've been around for long enough to witness a few "impossibles" become "possible". I still remember when UAE stood for "Unusable Amiga Emulator"... Look how far it has come since then. Who would have thought, when Bernd Schmidt typed the first lines of code, that UAE would be such the beautiful, complex and remarkably well-made piece of software that it is today? It stands, then, as a testament to human creativity, wit and resourcefulness. There really isn't much that a resolute mind and a little perseverance can't do. People like Toni Wilen deserve all the respect and praise that the community gives them. Thank you very much for everything. The Amiga scene simply wouldn't be the same without your generous (and genial) contributions. Cheers!
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