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Originally Posted by R-Typer View Post
I benchmarked Blade Runner scene in Lightwave 4.0 in both 32bit and 64bit WinUAE 3200 and there is no any speed difference between.
JIT probably could be faster if it is updated to use newer more advanced x86 instructions, it was made when ~Pentium II/Pro was the best CPU...

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I only can think about contacting Majsta and helping developing the Vampire -mainly OS3.9 where they are working on or maybe the needed new Picasso driver- emulating real hardware.
I am not interested (at least not for free) in writing drivers for hardware that is not emulated. It makes debugging really slow and annoying. It is only waste of time for me.

Questions will be replied but doing something, it depends

Originally Posted by SaphirJD View Post
Awesome update, using now the 64 Bit version. Winuae gets better and better
Make sure to test 32-bit version before reporting if you notice any bugs or other weirdness. There can be 64-bit only bugs..
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