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Originally posted by Unknown_K
A game being 2d or 3d doesnt matter as long as the game itself is fun.
Yes and no. The bottom line is that the majority of new 3D games never take into consideration whether 3D suits the game. It's a buzzword, a catchphrase almost. It doesn't seem to matter these days whether a game is suited to 3D, it's just a trend that is carelessly tossed around. These games are mere products, which is why we say they have no souls. They are created, like the hardware, to expire after the initial shock (?!) of seeing said game wrapped in a 3D engine. For me, that's like sitting around trying every Winamp skin, just to see what Winamp looks like. And like those skins, the majority have no care taken in design. Most of those skins render the buttons practically invisible, which makes no sense. It's an mp3 player, not a picture frame! So what if Cameron Diaz is dripping with vital hormonal secretions on the equalizer, "designers" completely ignore the functionality of the app whilst designing these skins. And the same is the case with most 3D games. It puts a black mark on the genre, but it's an accurate call. Obviously nobody is claiming each and every 3D game is bad simply because the genre has imploded, so picking at that, as most of these threads end up at, is rather pointless. And despite this lengthy paragraph, I agree with your above comment.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
I think alot of the old adventure games would look nicer and attract a new generation if they were in lifelike 3d with their original story intact.
Change the word would to could and this will be closer.

But, "lifelike 3D"? Now you're sounding like an advertisement. Anyone who thinks 3D games look lifelike needs glasses. Hype is one thing, but let's call a spade a spade here. If life looks like 3D games to you, sell me some of the drugs you're taking. To me, they just look rendered.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
Porting the old 2d arcade games to 3d mostly kills them, but imagine playing jungle hunt in 3d (swinging from vines would be so cool in 3d).
Somehow, the picture in my mind of this game in 3D is jerky, contains overly-orchestral soundtrack, and features a character with the facial expressions of a Barbie doll, suffers from a dizzying first person perspective which can be alternated with a sideview, when something bad happens to our hero, the screen will shake in an epileptic-inducing splash... (sigh) It's so easy to imagine the gameplay being completely dismissed in a conversion of this type.
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