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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
If you want a console for emulation then the original XBOX is unbeatable, even to this day.
Madmab still update XPorts emulators.
Classic Xboxs are dirt cheap nowadays and finding a modded one is quite easy.
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[ Show youtube player ]
The original xbox is great for mame with coinups 7 and the pimped out Gui is quality (after all its basically just a pc) - but you've still got to hack it (and source a decent controller or hack arcade sticks and converters with no usb drivers etc) plus the lack of RAM means you'll never have anything newer working like the Dreamcast, psp, etc (I seem to remember it even struggles with a lot of n64 and ps1 games too)?

I've still got one in my loft somewhere with winuaex etc on but that doesn't compare to the newer android releases of all the updated emulators IMO.

Also that thing is huge! Compared to a ouya and the raspberry pi it's like the size of a small hatchback car

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