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Originally Posted by Nosferax View Post
The PS3 struggling was due to the hypervisor.
On the PS3 there is no way to access the hardware directly even if running Linux, which mean you were limited in the graphic performance.
This was only a problem when you were running Linux / using "OtherOS". Sony crippled it on purpose. But that came back and bit them .

"GameOS" is a different beast entirely, you have access to everything. But you need 3.41/.55 or a custom firmware to be able to access it. We even managed to get "Peek & Poke" working and enabled the ps3 to be able to use dynamic recompilers (or JIT) but no-one made any software/emulators that made use of it.

Have a look at the PS3 version of retroarch on youtube etc, It shows off what the PS3 can do.
It's a very capable multi-emu that actually started life on PS3 and is still being developed today

(Although I'm no programmer, I was quite involved in the PS3 scene )
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