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As an alternative to the above I'd recommend the little android console 'Ouya'' as you can side load any of the Amiga emulators (uae4all2, e-uae, uae4arm jit etc). You can pick one up second hand for about £35 and it has bluetooth built in, usb, hdmi and is good to go right out of the box.

Loads of other android optimized emulators run great on this console from Zx Specky right up to Mame4droid Reloaded (all the big games work for CPS2, CPS3 and all Williams troublesome arcade games like Narc, Mortal Kombat etc), Reicast (Dreamcast emulator), PPSSPP (runs perfect for many psp games) plus it's a great media centre too. All controllers and joysticks I've chucked at it work fine (everything usb, blutooth etc).

I spent years messing about with hacking my Dreamcast, original Xbox, PSP, xbox 360, wii (and wiiU) etc to play homebrew and emulators (Amiga and mame mainly) but none of them were perfect but the Ouya is just designed for this sort of thing from the off (admittedly it failed big time as a regular gaming console - but it's fantastic for emulation).

Just my two cents
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