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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I also said it is not caused by amount of RAM but amount of address space. Anything more than 256M contiguous Amiga address space under XP can get unreliable. Perhaps something like "winuae.exe -maxmem 128" "fixes" it.
yes, if start with "winuae.exe -maxmem 128" it does not crash!

Hmm, but it also does not crash with "winuae.exe -maxmem 256" !? (tested winuae3200) ... and sysinfo reports 256mb of mem!

It also does not crash with "winuae.exe -maxmem 512"! (strange - seems it only crash if started without using "-maxmem" parameter)

It seems as using with mem parameter it allocates needed memory ahead, before emu even starts, and that could be the reason why it does not crash, I guess.

So, starting the winuae3200 with "-maxmem 256" parameter the problem is gone! (It does not crash in "Quickstart A1200 Blizzard PPC" anymore)

I noticed I get in sysinfo 256mb also if use "-maxmem 128" parameter! (strange) (anyway, in both cases the PowerUP test passed!)

It works fine also after using "-maxmem 1" parameter! (super strange) (but if using "-maxmem 0" parameter it crashes!)

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