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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Wow, what is left to emulate now?!
Lots of expansions, unfortunately boot ROM dumps are missing. Unexpanded A1200 compatibility is not good enough. And more.

Originally Posted by esc View Post
How can someone use the Mediator emulation without a PCI Graphics card being emulated as well? I was under the impression the Mediator relied on using some of the RAM on a PCI Graphics card in order to operate.
PCI devices that don't require PCI DMA work, like NE2000 or RTL8029 network adapters.

Sound cards do require PCI DMA but it is also not problem under emulation, full PCI DMA can be optionally enabled (OS4 sound drivers located on non-classic install CDs do work in emulation if full PCI DMA is enabled, without any VRAM hacks).

In real world only G-REX can do to/from Amiga RAM PCI DMA transfers.
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