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Lightbulb Can someone provide a link to commodore os v1.o beta9 please it's for a project

Hi new here i cannot find online a commodore os v1.0 beta 9 disc 1 and disc 2 iso torrent can someone please make new links to these in as the current availability is dying and i have them allready but they are painstakingly slow download rates of 10hrs plus each,i would be eternally greatfull to you,i wish to make my self a amiga of sorts via these discs maybe to get my friend to create a wooden housing for it then have my friend skin it uniquely.But without a basis to start building i can't begin the project at all

I owned the MCC-TV recently but couldn't get into the controls so i wanted to do what i do best and mod something,and being as i have good computer repair knowledege as a trained tech i just thought i could begin with usind a motherboard/ram/cpu and hard drive,or a laptop stripped as the base foundation for this project,i think looking at the features on offer and asthetically pleasing nature of commodore os i wish to proceed with this as my main choice for an os.

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