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[Closed] External USB 3.0 HD not mounted / "No disk in drive"

I have a strange issue with an external USB 3.0 enclosure where the drive itself is seen correctly in WinUAE and can be successfully partitioned with HDToolbox, but the partitions are not mounted.

By not mounted I mean they're not showing up on the workbench as being NDOS. When I access them directly I get a System Request noting there is "No disk present in device DH0".

In HDToolbox everything is shown correctly, the size is shown correctly (I set HPA to 4000MB, instead of the native 2TB, but this isn't the issue because a different drive of the same model and size (SAMSUNG HD204UI 1AQ1).

SysInfo also reports that there is no disk inserted, but the geometry matches.

The controller on the enclosure appears to be AS2105.

I've attached both logs and configuration files using the "Save All" feature.
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