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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It may also fix problems with the recently unsupported ACA1230 and ACA1231 cards. That's a total of 4 models that were 64MByte-cards, and the fix for the ACA1221 included a fix for the 64MByte memory map that is shared between those old cards and the ACA1221. While neither the ACA1230, nor the ACA1231 will be supported by the ACA500 officially, chances have gone up that they will work now.

I suposse that what you say about the old -fastest*- ACAs also applies to the new A1200 reloaded ?

*I've just measured with SysInfo 12053 Dhrystones, 12.58MIPS with the latest ACATune you've uploaded. Edit: Yes, nobody has shown so much and I can post a picture if you don't believe me. ACA 1230/56 with Fast ATA MKIV, look my signature.

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