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Hopefully since the buy it nows are too expensive at silly asking prices these days you can get one for under £100 on the ebay bidding wars as you know you definitely want a real AMIGA 1200 now.

Don't cave in to the grammer police mate. Just continue what you are doing. I hate grammer police with a firery passion so I don't take any guff from them anyway. When I can be bothered I do try myself to do grammer but if I fail at it I just leave it anyway.

I'm starting to talk like your Mr Grumpy Ol' Man segment already about Grammer police. I wonder if he is going to steal part of this ramble due to getting all these Grammer Police about Issue 1.

I hope Adz and Ste from The AMIGA Lads has a segment sometime as they are passionate about the AMIGA. They even promoted this on Facebook so they do read this topic too mate. Their segments would make an interesting read especially since they know how to repair parts of the AMIGA on a budget as well as they know their games as well.

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