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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Rapidroad usb led showed no light.
Shut Amiga off and disconnected Rapidroad. A1200 booted normally.
Reinstalled rapidroad, still no light or boot.

I assume the clockport is fine, but Rapidroad is fried....?
If the LED on RapidRoad remains off although it's connected properly, the unit is dead. Please contact your reseller (or me if you've bought directly) for service. Do NOT try to connect it the other way round, as that may damage even more!

Originally Posted by chocolate_boy View Post
Any update or progress on the A4000/40 issue? Still running mine in Zorro 2 mode a year later
I now have a computer here where we can reproduce the issue. That's already a huge step forward :-)

Originally Posted by roomeo View Post
I haven't heard anything from either Jens or the driver developer since I sendt them a copy of my system drive.
Well, I wrote to you a number of times because that download site you've provided did not work - neither for me, nor for Chris. No need to fix that any more, as we have an A4000D here that shows the issue: X-Surf-100 working fine in Z3 mode, but RapidRoad will only work in Z2 mode.

Now Chris needs to find some time to write a few test routines. You may know that he's not my employee, but an external developer, so I don't have any influence on his schedule. I do however expect that he'll come across with an idea or two within the next weeks.

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