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Most of each years games are junk no matter if they are 2d, 3d or whatever, has always been this way.

Quake 1, Tribes, and Unreal Tournament have added alot to the FPS genre and I liked them alot when they were new. Halflife was also cool because of the story and gameplay. But the rest are mostly me-too kind of games.

A game being 2d or 3d doesnt matter as long as the game itself is fun.

I think alot of the old adventure games would look nicer and attract a new generation if they were in lifelike 3d with their original story intact.

I would fucking kill for the xwing/tie fighter star wars games to be remade with the newest 3d engine and surround sound.

Porting the old 2d arcade games to 3d mostly kills them, but imagine playing jungle hunt in 3d (swinging from vines would be so cool in 3d).

Flight sims were always meant to be in glorious 3d.
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