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Originally Posted by AEV View Post
Hi Jens, any chance of the new ACA1233/57 FPGA overclocking core being made available for the existing ACA1233/40 cards via an overclocking license file like the ACA1221?

Obviously there would be no guarantee of hitting 57MHz but any increase in speed would be welcome and it would increase your revenues on existing cards sold.
That would require the crystal to be exchanged and the CPLDs to be re-programmed (note that it's CPLDs, not FPGAs!). Both requires equipment that only very few "professional hobbyists" have at home. In other words: For such an overclocking "upgrade", the card would have to be sent to us for re-work, and EU laws would require me to guarantee that it works. Since I obviously can't do that, this is not an option.

Also, please note that the new top model is not running at 57MHz, but 55.55MHz.

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