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Just installed WinUAE 3.1.0 on a new laptop (AMD A8 APU 2.2GHz, ATI R5 GPU, 8GB RAM, Fresh install of Win 10) and found that emulation is slow.

Clean install, never run (or installed WinUAE) before, started WinUAE and hit "Start" - no changes to default config. WinUAE is reporting sound at -33, CPU at 166% though task manager reports 5% CPU usage.

No disks loaded, this is sitting at the "hand holding disk" screen. Only noticed it because I tried CDTV emulation (changed model to CDTV in Quickstart panel) and sound started breaking on left mousedown.

Went back to A500, same speed. D3D is selected by default. No filters (null filter). No changes to config at all - just hit "Start" after choosing various models from quickstart page.

Downloaded latest winuae.z7 from 3.2.0 beta thread, no change in behaviour.

You need logs?

What the hell, attached.

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