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Originally Posted by duga View Post
No ACA500Plus (this year) means no ACA2000 either?
Right. The ACA2000 will be built on the ACA500plus, only removing the 68EC000 processor and adding the right connector. That one will *require* an A1200 accelerator to work.

Originally Posted by duga View Post
What about new A500/A600/A1200 PSU:s?
They won't be PSUs, but DC-DC converters. I may have a prototype until Christmas (as that's one of the building blocks of the Amiga Reloaded, which is scheduled for prototyping in Q1/2016), but production units won't be available this year.

The good news is that the 50 and 55MHz cards have been finished sooner than expected. The units passed QC now (warranty ID, QC photo), and we'll finish packing tomorrow morning. Taking orders now -> scroll down in the product list and click on ACA12xx accelerators, then choose the variant.

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