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Floppy disk GogoPogo - PLAYABLE!!

OK, I have created a 'playable' version of GogoPogo, so you don't need to keep watching me play it on YouTube...!

As this was just a proof of concept project originally, a lot of the coding is both lazy and dirty. I have cleaned up some bits to allow the game to play on a 1MB system, but I used a full-screen BlockScroll approach to double-buffering, which means you'll get a super-slo-mo version of the game on anything less that an 030!! I am in the process of re-writing the main display engine, so the first 'real' game should be playable on a base A500 (if I can squish the level generator down a bit).

For the record, the dev machine is my A1200T with 040/25 Blizzard board.

This version has no sound and ropey collision-detection. I won't spend any more time on this version, as it has served its purpose and I want to concentrate on the 'proper' game.

Demo features:
- Fully animated Pedro character
- Collectables
- Hidden collectable
- Extra life pogo
- Full-screen scrolling
- Enemies / obstacles
- Platforms... (ahem)

Buttons = Left, Right, Fire
Left/Right = move Pedro slowly
Left/Right + Fire = move Pedro quickly
Fire = Super-Duper-Gogo-Pogo-Jump!

When airborne, Pedro can change direction (he's SO good at pogo-ing)

You can collect the extra life (which does nothing in this demo, as you have infinite lives)
You can collect all 3 ticket stubs!
You can get knocked over by baddies!
You can then spend as long as you like jumping around the platforms, because this demo has no real end to it!

Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it.

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