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Hey Guys,
thanks for all the responses. As you see we responsed to all of your comments so your opinion was really important to us. In the end most of you decide that we should go on with Rocket Ranger Reloaded. But after reviewing all of your comments and also discussed it within cinemaware we will put the project on Hold. Hold means that we cancel the project here at kickstarter and pay back your pledges. We believe this is the best way to get your trust back as first and also for Cinemware.
Some of your comments was that we should go on with smaller projects, And that is what we will do in the next time. Right now we got some really cool support from fans which help us to release an Amiga-Version of Wings! Remastered Editon and also we will release Big-Box-Collectors Editions of our classics. This idea came also from a community member who also develops AmigaCD32 ports. We start with defender of the Crown with a box that includes all the different releases. For the Amiga Version you can also download different Demo Versions.
So, next step is to get back the money to you. Please give us a little time to check this how this works from now (no, it won´t be six months). But every backer gets back their money.
We got mails and messages that offers us that we can use their pledge for other projects. We have to check this how this works but if you want to support us in this way contact
So thanks again for you comments and your patience. We hope we can send out the next update with detailed information about the refund process by the end of the next week.
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