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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
There probably isn't such a version, what seems likely to be is that PFS has simply more efficient I/O routines than FFS, which reduces load times and incidentally stuttering.

Maybe it could be possible to modify the pre-loading routines to be asynchronous and transfer smaller chunks of data each time but that might be difficult if the code was designed for synchronous transfers.
I use PFS3AIO on my drive (downloaded from Aminet). I think 2.3 MB/s is probably as fast as native IDE gets. The pauses are long at times and affect the enjoyment of the game a bit. Also many pauses in some games on NovaCoder's ScummVM port. Will buying a Fast IDE get rid of these issues. I haven't taken the plunge yet as I've read it can't be installed together with the Indi AGA 1200

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