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A2286 works fine with AT-IDE djmount for me, too. However, when using BIOS 3.6, it only works once, and rebooting causes binddrivers to hang for a few minutes, resulting in janus.library not being able to be loaded. The only thing that works then is quitting and restarting WinUAE.
With the 4.2 BIOS it works fine, although it has problems with the memory configuration. When starting with 1MB bridgeboard RAM and a totally empty CMOS file, I get a disk drive and a memory error. Setting the disk drive and the hard disk causes the memory error to persist. When setting the board to 2 MB RAM, it discovers 1,6MB in total and the error goes away. However, when setting the memory to any other value, the memory error reappears and I cannot change the settings in the BIOS. It simply does not let me, the memory size is fixed.

I also had a go with the A2386SX emulation. There, I can set the memory size. However, no matter what I set, the memory configuration error never goes away. What I also noticed, is, that even the A386SX does not have any memory between 640K and 1024K available, so I cannot use DEVICEHIGH and LH in autoexec.bat. But I think this has to do with the CPU emulation and originates from Dosbox.

But nevertheless this is a great and interesting project and I love to tinker with this. And I still find that the bridgeboard idea is not THAT bad even with today's powerful computers being able to emulate nearly everything. I'd totally buy a PCI(e) board, USB or Thunderbolt box with hardware similar to the MiST or the FPGA Arcade on it, working similarly to the old Janus software. When only using PAL resolutions it would be possible to transfer the picture without any noticeable latency even over USB2, using some lossless codec.
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