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When I first came to the EAB I was quite shocked at much at lot of yooz hated anything 3D. I was quite happy to play the latest FPS but things have changed for me. I started to realise that a FPS I was playing at the time was in fact no different to the one Id played a couple of years ago. I am starting to agree with you guys more and more, not because I want to, but because a lot of what you say is true. Modern gaming is in a terrible state and while I dont think its ALL bad, 90% is absolute tosh.

Maybe its just me being the eternal optimist but when I hear about a 3D remake I dont automatically think itll be crap. IMO there are loads of modern classics that work brilliantly in 3D, the latest of which Im currently playing and loving every secong of it (Zelda/The Wind Waker). Some games DO crossover well into 3D so I always keep my fingers crossed when I hear about another update. Maybe it would be better being updated in modern 2D gfx but the way I see it is, if its crap, what have you lost? You can always ignore it and go play the superior original.
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