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I find it ironic how as a collective group, retro/veteran gamers (who look back fondly on old 8bit/16bit gaming), are treated with scorn by the modern PC gaming press, (& powerhouse PC kiddies), who then say how much "depth" & sophistication there is in today's games compared to then & produce their "All time top 100 gaming lists" with their FPS games featuring prominently-
Yet what are we constantly seeing? My my a remake from (what in their view), was a dispised,over-rated era of gaming!!

Not all updates are a bad thing. Say Jedi Knight 2,for example, a few years had passed from PC Dosboxes to P3/4, Athlon Win 32 based machines. And hopefully updates to something like Stunt Car Racer,(especially in the hands of the original author), should work too.

I would just love to see a return to the days when we had the choice of 2D/3D & variety like graphic adventures, horizontal/vertical shooters, RPG's, RTS,arcade adventure,platform, racing or whatever genre's you liked. Much less when not every game had to have a soap-opera drama "interactive storyline".

Could you imagine what they'd do to stuff like R-type,or Ghost'n' Goblins today with all this needless depth? Some of the best old time arcade games could have their so-called storyline written on a postage stamp!! They were just fun & instant to play.

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