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Originally Posted by Dejavu View Post
For this beta update, does it have any improvement other than ACA1221 compability issue?
It may also fix problems with the recently unsupported ACA1230 and ACA1231 cards. That's a total of 4 models that were 64MByte-cards, and the fix for the ACA1221 included a fix for the 64MByte memory map that is shared between those old cards and the ACA1221. While neither the ACA1230, nor the ACA1231 will be supported by the ACA500 officially, chances have gone up that they will work now.

Originally Posted by Dejavu View Post
Do you have any news about ACA500Plus for us?
Not really - only that it's unlikely to happen this year. One thing that took up quite some time was...:
Originally Posted by Dejavu View Post
And it just caught my eyes, There are some infos about ACA1232@50 & 1233@55 on wiki page ACA12XX benchmark table. Are those prices and availability dates real?
yes, they are real. I've put quite some time into debugging the 50MHz design. After that was stable, calculations have shown that the new memory controller is within specs at over 57MHz (assuming a jitter-free clock source), so I decided to make a few cards with slight overclocking and run the whole test cycle again. Note that only the CPU is overclocked, but all other components are within spec (same approach as with the ACA1221).

Since the available quantity is tiny, but these few cards need to pay for this new SD-Ram controller development, prices may appear a little higher than prices for my previous designs.

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