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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
The Amiga does 8 bit samples and to conserve RAM, they were not sampled at anywhere near CD quality.. The samples will all sound very crunchy to your golden ears, that's just how it is. :-)
I disagree. Certainly in the early Amiga years there was this clamouring to do mods with big sampled pieces in them and they only sounded passable back then because no other computer in 1987-88 could do it.

But when better musicians got their hands on samplers and Amigas, i would defy you to find scratchy or low fidelity samples from the top guys.

And because they were able to use Protracker to its fullest, tiny but clear samples were used and its part of why so many Amiga mods stand the test of time and still sound clear and listenable on modern tech
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