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The Quake engine is seriously underutilized on the Amiga. I know of at least six other standalone games that can run on it. But that is a topic for another thread.
The beyond in the title of this thread doesn't just refer to the few extras listed above. They are just the tip of a massive iceberg, one that spreads into many gaming genres. Here is one small example, the sadly never completed Hover, a Wipeout 2097 clone.

Remove the - to download.

Extract this directly into the main OpenQuartz drawer. The launch icon drawer will be placed in Mods.
Sadly there are no opponents in single player, and only two maps available. LIT files are included, but removed from the map drawer, as they make the game look worse. To switch to the other map, type "map track3" in the console (track01 to switch back).


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