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Here is what I did:

- Set up a configuration with 68000, 1MB Chip, KS 1.3 and A2088 BIOS 3.6.1
- Used XT-IDE 2.0.0 Beta 1 ide_xt.bin at address 0xEC000 (Betas 2 and 3 do not detect any drives) (Had to force WinUAE to use it - first set the ROM to "ROM disabled", then manually selected path)
- Used a 40MB hardfile, which I set to RDB mode and entered the manual geometry: 7 surfaces, 17 sectors, 688 cylinders
- Booted from the PC Install 33.4 (got it from
- Set address to E000 in PCPrefs (in Markt&Technik's book about the bridgeboards they say for 2088(T) you have to use E000 instead of D000)
- Booted the 2088 from Commodore_A1060-A2088_MSDOS_1987.img
- Used ADISK on the PC side to assign all space to the virtual harddisk
- Rebooted the emulated Amiga completely
- Typed djmount in the shell. This took some time, after some seconds there was an access to the floppy disk, djmount got stuck and in the PC Window I saw "Divide overflow"

EDIT: Here is a link to the file:

With the 2286 I got it working, but had some issues with BIOS saving. Here is what I did:
- First set the card's memory to only 1MB.
- Used the BIOS 4.2 first, booted again from the Janus Disk 33.4
- When it complained that the configuration is wrong, I went into the BIOS setup to set the floppy disk drive and picked an appropriate harddisk of a size I wanted to use, and noted CHS (I noticed that base and extended memory were both shown as 0, and not changeable)
- After rebooting the BIOS showed (as expected) a hard drive error (no hdf yet configured), but also a memory error
- I then created a HDF which was slightly larger than the one I set in the BIOS
- Attached it to AT-IDE, used RDB mode and manual geometry. I entered the number of heads into the "surfaces" box, the number of sectors in the "sectors" box and made sure the number of cylinders was greater than what I noted
- Set the Bridgeboard memory to 2 MB now
- Booted from PC Install again
- Used ADISK to create an Amiga partition
- Rebooted Bridgeboard
- Typed "djmount ffs", and it worked (showed "not a DOS disk in JH0", and "format drive jh0: name Harddisk quick ffs" also worked)

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