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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Oh, seems there is a confusion, Galahad could you please lighten it up?
Hoffman is doing the intro music which is well underway and as expected, awesome.

ADR Design has done some in game stuff, and that is of course awesome.

However, if others want to make contributions, just like WTSS, i will include whatever i can so,long as its good enough.

The only tune that isnt up for debate is Hoffmans intro tune, that is going to be his version and no-one elses.

If someone wants to Amigafy the ingame stuff, then great, but we have limited room, but i may be relocating some stuff to extra ram so those limitations may be lifted.

Please also note that like Hoffman, if you have inspiration to make an ORIGINAL tune and not make a cover of anything that has gone before, then please, feel free to write it.

If its good, it gets in the game, pure and simple guys, if the game ends up being two disks, then that will happen, or maybe a GOLD version gets released at a later date with more extras.

@Saimon, i appreciate your efforts, but im afraid i cant use what you have written, i hope you understand that ADRDesign and Hoffman have provided examples of such good quality, that its something i want to maintain, i hope you understand.
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