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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Theres too much "politics" involved to actually make this happen... but...
-The topic has been mentioned a zillion times before but, -it would be interesting to just for once, compare the numbers.
The cost of building new (but already obsolete yet very costly) hardware and the cost of porting OS4 to ARM and reach potentially millions of Raspberry Pi or hacked phone hardware or similar.
Porting the existing software beyond the OS would be a giant task but possibly not even worth it because it would be easier to port tons of other useful software that already exists for ARM architecture.
An ARM port would make a lot of sense.
Lots of compact hardware that is very power efficient and more than powerful enough.
Before the ISA change for MorphOS was announced, I was pushing for a shift to ARM.

After all, X64 is only dominant in desktops (with a smaller lead in laptops), it doesn't have much of a hold on tablets or other portable devices.

AND ARM is still RISC.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Given how obsolete AmigaOS is (in terms of users-job to be done), frankly, the hardware should be the least of our concerns.
Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Indeed again.
Except that it is the hardware that now limits software capabilities.
Even Thorham is willing to admit that improvements can be made (in the hardware).

Where we differ is that I am not that obsessed with legacy register compatibility.

A few quick questions.

Who owns Amiga OS 3.5 and 3.9?
Because 4.1 borrows from those, but the license Hyperion owns specifically only mentions 3.1.
And that license is a bit questionable as I am not sure there is proof that Amiga Inc. was ever anything more than a licensee.

So, if legacy compatible hardware, with improvements, can be produced that is a LOT more powerful, why worry about an OS4 port to 68K?
Why not just free yourselves and use AROS68K?

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