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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
To quote Toni Wilen from 04 Dec 14:

" one is going to use it without support driver software. New stuff that can be only used by direct hardware access and can't be used (and developed) with any existing hardware: Why would anyone use it?

It seems every FPGA implementation with (planned) extensions will have same problem: who does the software? (and how? it is practically impossible to extend existing graphics.library stuff) No one is going to do it if it is not going to be standard. Single standard implementation + Amiga? Not going to happen!"

Ok, he wasn't talking directly about some of the stuff discussed in this thread, but I think it's a valid point. Who will use all these great ideas? There's no new software - no new games, no new productivity software in development to tempt people back to a platform which in everyone's eyes disappeared in the 90s. The Amiga name is not enough. All my mates who owned amigas in the past have no knowledge of anything post workbench 3.0. AmigaOS 4, ppc, fpga; it's all stuff that just exists in the head of a bunch of us retro enthusiasts. A bigger audience to justify development cost and time is not going to come back. No one is going to spend hundreds of thousands delevoping 3D cores for a machine which has nothing to run on it!
no it is not...
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