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@Toni: Thanks for reuploading an which has Bridgeboard BIOS in. I tinkered with it a bit and tried to recreate the "original" configuration. I set up an A2000 with 1meg Chip and Kick 1.3. Here are my findings:

- A2088 with XT-IDE: Working, but trying to use djmount fails with a Divide error on the PC side
- A2286 with AT-IDE: Works, but only for the first boot. Harddisk is recognized correctly, DOS boots and djmount finds and adds JH0. However, when resetting, binddrivers gets stuck for several minutes, and trying to re-open PC Window or djmount fails because janus.library failed to load. It works again when I quit and re-start WinUAE.
- A2386sx: Not yet tested.

Did anyone notice a similar behavior with the A2286?

EDIT: Turned out that the lockup issue was due to the BIOS. When using the BIOS 4.2, it seems to work now

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