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The update completely fixes the mouse issue, thanks!

I'm struggling to get midi music and sound working though.

I've installed gmplay and softsynth. I have softsynth running before loading Exult. Softsynth seems to start correctly and says its 'Listening to Midi'. At this point no other music program such as Winamp will work because it appears the ahi.device has been allocated already. All good so far I think.

Once in Exult in the game options im enabling CAMD midi and selecting GS as the device type, but no sounds or music is playing. Any ideas? None of the other device types works either.

Upon quitting Exult the shell leaves behind three lines saying:

Opening digital SFX's file: "Data/sqsfxbg.flx"
No channel was available to play sfx '48'
Destroying AudioMixer

So I think it's trying to play the midi files but the midi can't allocate a channel. In my ahi setup Unit 0 is set to 4 channels (although I'm not sure this is relevant).

Any ideas on the way forward?

I'm not sure if I've installed the camd.library correctly though - all I did was copy camd.library into LIBS: - is this correct? What about the other files out of camd.lha? I've created Devs:midi and put the in there. Correct?

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