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Originally Posted by Crimzon View Post
I thought the 1200's HD was the DH0?
Device names (as well as volume names) can be anything, it's just a common practise to name hard disk partitions like DH0, DH1, DH2, etc. Some minor trend has also been to name them as HD0, HD1, etc.

If you have several harddisks connected to an Amiga, you may also use different base names for them to make some visible difference which partition is on which drive. For example I've had SDH0, SDH1, etc on Seagate drive and IDH0, IDH1, etc on IBM drive and so on

For temporary drives for transfers etc it's also easier that they have separate device names from the actual HD. It doesn't even have to be numbered or sequental or anything, Amiga is very flexible on these things.

But as someone already said, if you're unsure what device or volume names you have on your partitions, use "info" command on the shell to check them.

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